Joy Visualized

Joy Visualized

Monday, January 7, 2013

January 6th: "One Thing In Your Bag, On Your Fridge, In Your Heart"

(#2089  The all-church breakfast...)
(#2090  Returning-to-town friends)
(#2091  Sitting with Karen)

#2092  In my bag:   My art journal in my church bag....doodling helps me listen.

#2093  On my fridge:  First pictures with all the babies...lives changing

#2094  In my heart:  The Holy Gift of Christmas

(#2095  Eldest & Papa having an afternoon together)
(#2096  Twins playing so sweetly)
(#2097  Joel painting while listening to his classical music)
(#2098  Un-decorating the tree)
(#2099  My ornament storage box)
(#2100  Yoga at Emily's class)
(#2101  The Karate Kid with Ella....and the last non-school night of Christmas break)


  1. Love #2092 (Art journal in your bag for church) What a joy it will be going back through it through the years to come. Wishing you many joys this week.

    1. Thanks! It is my third year to be keeping a journal in this way. I can still look back and remember certain aspects of life at the time as well as specific points of the service---much more than with just words....