Joy Visualized

Joy Visualized

Thursday, November 29, 2012

November 29th: "Three Gifts Red"

#969  My cozy fleece jacket on a chilly morning

#970  James rolling down the driveway at Papa's

#971  Ketchup.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

November 27th: "A Gift Handmade, Held, Happy"

#964  Handmade:  Jo Anne's cornhusk nativity's Baby Jesus

#965  Held:  Precious moments with twins on an unhurried day

#966  Happy:  The Only Boy and some superheroes

Monday, November 26, 2012

November 26th: "Three Gifts Preparing"

#961  Prepared for errands and ready for Monday

#962  Prepared for ballet and ready to play with the boy while the girls are in class

#963  Prepared for dinner and ready to eat

Sunday, November 25, 2012

November 25th: "Three Gifts Ugly-Beautiful"

#958  Bur Oak an alien planet's seed

#959  Stack of unread newspapers and mail from our trip

#960  Peanuts

November 24th: "Three Gifts Humble"

#955  The "used"....that used to be new.

#956  Sick kid....and helpless parents

#957  Leftovers....which could be more than what some people get to eat

November 23rd: "Three Gifts Only In Christ"

Author's Note:  These images were taken on a bike/hike with my family.  An experience forever in my memory as a wonderfully delightful event.  

#952  Change

#953  Strength

#954  Direction

November 22nd: "A Gift Grateful"

Image Credit:  Xythia, Age 9, Channelview, Texas
"Autumn Road"
(MD Anderson Cancer Center Children's Art Project)

#951  The humbling practice of Thanksgiving---which used to be just a one-day event, now a daily discipline

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

November 21st: "Three Gifts Family"

Author's Note:  Today marks the 14th year since I married The Man I Love (insert Ella Fitzgerald)....  Not much else needs to be said except that it has gone by in a flash, and I can only expect the same for the lifetime of anniversaries we have left.  I love you, Dear Husband.  Thanks for loving me.

#948  Mine.

#949  His.

#950  Ours.

November 20th: "Three Gifts of Traditions"

#945  Family activities

#946  Thanksgiving Lunch at Ella's school

#947  Anniversary Date Night

Monday, November 19, 2012

November 19th: "Three Gifts of Autumn"

#942  Leaves

#943  Thanksgiving Parties

#944  Mr. Turkey, for the fourth and final party

November 18th: "A Gift Made, Shared, Passed On"

Author's Note:  This day would have been my Grandfather's 104th birthday.  The man that lead me to the throne of Grace.  The Chaplain, the Preacher.  This Thanksgiving is the 22nd anniversary of the day he left this Earth.  I hope to honor him with my own life and the legacy I pass on to his line.

#939  MADE:  Green beans for Sunday lunch with the "in-loves"

(Photo Credit:  Ella Edwards)

#940 SHARED:  Parade "Candy"  (acorns)

#941  PASSED ON:  Mimi & Papa's little pink car

November 17th: "Three Gifts of Laughter"

#936  Farmer's Market Fun

#937  Family Adventuring

#938  Double Date with friends and 3 hours of grown-up conversation  (the picture has nothing to do with this except to convey the dream-like reality....)

November 16th: "Three Gifts Hard Eucharisteo"

#933  Too many books and not enough time.

#934  Too many wounds and not enough healing

#935  Too much weight and not enough loss

November 15th: "Three Gifts Golden"

#930  Morning sun + a preschool leaf craft  = golden kitchen

#931  Thanksgiving party preparations

#932  Kix.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

November 14th: "Three Gifts Silent"

Author's Note:  Today is my brother's birthday.  Gary Don is a gentle giant with the biggest heart.  However, he also has the red-headed Irish temper that bends golf clubs.  If you know him, you like him.  He's just that reliable kind of guy that wants to be there for people.  I had quite a different opinion of him when we were kids, but that's what big brothers do.  I could fill a book with memories of tales worth telling, but for now, I want the world to know he will always be older than me.  And I love him.

Back to the Dare.....

#927  Silent Time

#928  Silent Space

#929  Silent Responses

November 13th: "Three Gifts Behind A Door"

#924  Reorganized Clothes behind the cabinet door

#925  Mom and Dad's willing hands

#926  Home.

November 12th: "Three Gifts at Noon"

#921  Progress on De-bunk-bedding the girls' room...two twin beds, two happy girls.

#922  New Window Seat  (assembled by myself, my dad, and my son....quite a memory)

#923  Fancy sandwiches