Joy Visualized

Joy Visualized

Saturday, February 2, 2013

January 28th: "Three Graces Found in Friends"

Author's Note:  Today is the birthday of my father-in-LOVE.  I love the son he raised, and my kids get to have him as their Papa.  We are all so thankful for him.

(#2331 Early morning walk)
(#2332  Narrator on the Bible app)
(#2333  Bookstore quiet)
(#2334  Cheap new clothes)

#2335  Longevity, even in absence and over distance.

#2336  Generosity and reaching out

#2337  Starting somewhere (Eldest's friends at school)

(#2338 Littlest's compassionate heart and consoling her brother)
(#2339  Playing school)
(#2340  Surprise fancy dinner)

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